Exchange Opportunities

THIRDHOME  is the reciprocal travel club for luxury second homeowners

The Hemingways is pleased to offer you expanded vacation options through its partnership with THIRDHOME, the world’s premier private reciprocal club.  Owners at the Hemingways are eligible for FREE Membership with THIRDHOME.  By joining, you can turn your unused time at your residence into desirable vacations around the world.

Simply deposit one or more weeks of your time for exchange to over 1700 exclusive properties worldwide.  Choose from destinations like Paris, Napa, London, Greece, Italy, just to name a few.  It’s as easy as one, two three.

  1. Visit Complimentary Membership and complete steps one and two of the enrollment process. A THIRDHOME team member will contact you to answer any questions that you have.
  2. Deposit one or more of your weeks into the club to earn THIRDHOME Keys.
  3. Book a week at any available THIRDHOME property and start packing for a great vacation!

Find more information on the THIRDHOME or call 615.678.4275

The Registry Collection® – Leader in Luxury Vacation

As owners at one of our affiliated properties, you have the privilege of enrollment as a member of The Registry Collection®program, which offers a world of luxury vacation opportunities and experiences in many of the most desirable resort destinations. Members of The Registry Collection® program are able to enjoy distinctive benefits and exclusive services.

Exchange privileges:  The Registry Collection® exchange program offers leisure travel at its most luxurious—elegantly appointed accommodations in impeccably maintained surroundings, as well as unique and exclusive vacation experiences around the world

Personal Reservation Consultant & Concierge service:  Always just a phone call away, a Reservation Consultant is your best resource in the program for planning an unforgettable vacation. In addition to advice on travel, accommodations and destinations, your Reservation Consultant can also answer your program benefits questions, as well as assist you with every step of the exchange process. The Registry Collection® Concierge is your 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year lifestyle solution.

Members of The Registry Collection® program enjoy access to numerous luxury travel service providers. Enjoy special pricing, added services, and other truly unique opportunities to enhance your luxury experience.  Visit  The Registry Collection Programor call (800) 548-2300 for more information.

Fractional – Owner-to-Owner Exchanges. is an online, owner-to-owner network of property owners, united for the purpose of exchanging use of vacation homes and fractional shares. Listings on consist of vacation homes, condos and even yachts, wholly-owned or fractional-owned. Beach, ski, metropolitan, mountains, adventure — your choices are endless

Our benefits:

  • No per-trade exchange fees!
  • No complicated points system! Owner-to-owner is a simple method of exchanging. Owners determine the exchange; just serves to introduce members.
  • No limits! While some exchange companies limit your selection to just certain resorts, opens your world to, well, just that – the world.
  • Unlimited exchanges! Contact as many members and arrange as many exchanges as you’d like (with no per-exchange fee*)
  • Get notified of new listings and happenings at Track your favorite listings as well.
  • Your exchanges don’t need to be at the same time. You work out the details & dates owner-to-owner.
  • If you’re unable to arrange a property exchange in your first year, your second year is free.

Discover owner-to-owner exchanging of vacation homes, condos, fractional properties.  It’s easy and inexpensive to list your property.
Visit or call 866.595.4075 to join.  Begin sending and receiving exchange offers today.

Trade to Travel – non-reciprocal vacation exchange

 Established over 20 years ago, Trade To Travel (TTT) was the first luxury home exchange as well as the first vacation home exchange, boutique hotel exchange, and non-reciprocal exchange for owners of luxury properties. Members trade weeks in their property and enjoy exceptional homes, yachts, villas, chalets, castles, estates, boutique hotels, spas, penthouses and private islands at 90% SAVINGS

Each time an owner at The Hemingways hosts a member of TTT, the Hemingways Owner (you) will receive points in your TTT account.  Each time TTT arranges for you to enjoy a TTT property, you will spend the appropriate number of your TTT points and pay 10% of the value of the accommodation to TTT.  There is no annual fee, so you will pay only when you play, saving 90% of the value of the rental.

The basic concept is quite simple; it is an ideal way in which members can leverage their own properties in order to have the opportunity to experience other exceptional places and lifestyles, and without incurring the cost of exorbitant accommodations. Members make their properties available in exchange for a value which they may use at any time in the future to acquire use privileges in other members properties.  Trade to Travel has a staff dedicated to fulfilling member requests, even if they find a new member property to accomplish it.

For additional information regarding the services of Trade to Travel, visit Trade to Travel or contact Paul Nabor at 340.643.0600.

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